Perlite Expansion Furnace Perlite Expansion Furnace for Lightweight Refractory Industry

Product profileAs an environmentally friendly new type of inorganic lightweight insulation material, expanded perlite has excellent performances of light weight, heat preservation, heat insulation and fire resistance.It also has high flame retardation, high strength, low water absorption, easy compatibility a

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Product profile

As an environmentally friendly new type of inorganic lightweight insulation materialexpanded perlite has excellent performances of light weight, heat preservation, heat insulation and fire resistance.It also has high flame retardation, high strength, low water absorption, easy compatibility and long service life

The product is selected from the special size of ore sand, preheated by the preheating furnace, and then sent to the muffle tube furnace for heating by the conveyor.The surface of the product is melted by precise control of the temperature and raw material vacancy time.Closed, irregular spherical particles, internal porous cavity structure, surface vitrification closed, smooth gloss, very stable physical and chemical properties, this product can be used as lightweight aggregate in the new building materials industry.

As part of the lightweight refractory industry As an alternative to glass micro-beads in the emulsion explosives industry, it has extremely broad application prospects and can be widely used in many fields such as industry, agriculture, building materials, chemicals, smelting, light industry and so on.The production process emits 30 mg of dust per cubic meter and does not emit any toxic gases and harmful substances.The product can also be used to grow flowers and effectively improve soil moisture.

The construction industry has also accelerated the pace of development.Various industrial and civil buildings have grown in a geometric manner, and the market demand for expanded perlite is considerable.

In addition to the promotion of energy-saving and environmentally friendly materials in the country, puffed perlite as a new type of environmentally friendly building materials has become a government promotion product in many provinces and cities.In the near future, puffed perlite mortar will inevitably replace traditional building mortar and become an essential product in the construction industry.In addition, the production of expanded perlite has the advantages of small investment, quick effect, energy saving and environmental protection, and high labor productivity.It is very suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises and PCS people to invest and set up factories.

Working principle

The production process of expanded perlite includes two key processes of preheating and expansion.
(1) Preheating:According to the difference of origin and grain size, after the pearlite ore is preheated for 2-8 minutes at a temperature of 650-800 °C, the water content will reach the expansion requirement.

(2) Expansion:The pre-heated ore is evenly sprinkled onto the flame at a temperature of 1100-1200 °C through the feeding device.The ore will be heated rapidly and rapidly expand to 10-30 times the original volume.The expanded perlite The particles are white or light gray and contain a honeycomb structure inside.

(3) The expanded perlite enters the collection bin with the high-temperature gas separated by the cyclone separator, and the high-temperature gas containing a small amount of fine dust is discharged to the atmosphere by the bag dust removal device.

Open Cell Perlite Expansion Furnace Perlite Puffing Furnace in Lightweight Refractory Industry

Main components and functions of the equipment

1.Preheating furnace:Remove the moisture in the ore and heat the ore to more than 200 degrees.
2.Bucket elevator:Lift the heated ore directly to the top of the main furnace.
3.Coal-pulverized dusting machine:The raw coal is turned into 80-120 mesh powder by the crushing process and sent to the furnace to achieve complete combustion.
4.Expansion furnace:The expansion operation is carried out on the perlite ore after the heat.
5, water cooling system:For high temperature finished products to cool down.
6.Worm separator:The separated expanded perlite products are sent to the silo by air.
7.Dust collector:The dusty exhaust gas is purified and discharged to the standard.

Features and Advantage

1.Advanced design and reasonable structure.This equipment fully draws on the advanced design concept of Europe, based on the actual production experience of our country, after repeated trials, bold innovation, and finally developed by our company's technical staff, a new generation of perlite puffing equipment.Preheating-drying-expansion-finished product collection, the production process is reasonable and scientific, simple and practical, easy to manage.

2.The heating method is reasonable.The main furnace uses pulverized coal combustion to provide expansion heat energy.The combustion is fully and thoroughly, the coal consumption is reduced to the minimum, and it is convenient to reduce the comprehensive cost of the product.At the same time, it also overcomes the disadvantages of high energy access cost such as natural gas and gas, poor supply stability and difficulty in preservation.

3.High output.The expansion of the vertical raft is 25-35m3 per hour, and the daily output of expanded perlite is 300 cubic meters, which fully meets the sales needs.Compared with the old-fashioned expansion equipment, the output is increased by nearly 20%.

4.Low carbon and environmental protection.By installing the air-exhaust and dust-removing equipment, the dust discharge of the equipment is greatly reduced, and the smoke is discharged after being filtered, and is safely discharged, and is harmless to the environment.

5.The equipment has high stability and easy maintenance.The design of the device is reasonable, the wear and tear are less, and the maintenance is easy.After the equipment is put into production, the operation is stable and reliable, the failure rate is low, and the maintenance difficulty is small.

Product Parameters
Fuel gas power600-1000KW
Coal gas consumption2000NM3/h
Operation temperature<1200ºC
Heating typeDirect heating
Heating time<3.5h
Daily yield50-80T

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Open Cell Perlite Expansion Furnace Perlite Puffing Furnace in Lightweight Refractory Industry
Open Cell Perlite Expansion Furnace Perlite Puffing Furnace in Lightweight Refractory Industry


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